Friday, May 5, 2017

Exploring with Google Earth

Earlier in the year our 6th Graders used Google Maps to chart routes of Early Migrations to the Americas in Social Studies.  Students utilized tools of Google Maps to draw lines representing migration paths and measured distances of each migration path.

Students are now learning a different way to view the world digitally using the new web based version of Google Earth in 6th Grade Computer Literacy.  Google Earth is a massive database with billions of images representing the world's natural features, roads, topography and landmarks often in 3D.  Students are looking up where they live, historic places, and natural wonders of the world.

Another new feature of Google Earth is called Voyager.  Voyager has hundreds of of "journeys" with  categories such as travel, nature, culture and history.  Each Voyage takes you to different places in the world and has cards narrating each place.  Our students have been going to "Searching for Sharks in Street View" which enables them to "swim" under water with sharks and learn about different kinds of sharks, their characteristics and where they live.  Other Voyages include "Africa's Wildlife", "Explore London", "Museums around the World" to name a few.  The list is continually growing so checking back is worthwhile.

This new version of Google Earth was released on April 18th so our next step is to see how this tool might compliment many of the things we are teaching already in Science, Social Studies and beyond!  Below is a link if you'd like to give it a try. 

Please note, you must use Google Chrome as your browser.