Friday, December 16, 2016

Learning with Online Collaboration

A few years ago a class could not easily work online together.  At best attachments and revisions would be sent back and forth by email and one person would try to organize all of the pieces.  Today, we almost take our ability to collaborate online for granted.  Students seamlessly create webpages that combined with others create informative websites that enhance their learning and the learning of others in their class.

Take the seventh grade unit on studying different stream organisms and how they relate.  Each student is assigned an organism to study and creates a webpage that illustrates essential characteristics, movements, predators and prey of their organism. Each page must have pictures, video and a chart showing how their organism relates to others.  All the webpages combined create a RMS Field Guide Website for each class.

Click here to view a sample class field guide.

Creating a class website makes it easier for students to share information and learn from eachother because all of the information is in one easily accessible place.  They also have the benefit of video which helps prepare students for when the actually go to the stream to observe different organisms.  Before, making website for this project students used to make posters and would walk around the classroom to learn about the organisms.

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