Thursday, November 17, 2016

Letter to the Teacher

Last week in 6th Grade Computer Literacy we discussed “Digital Etiquette” as part of our ongoing Online Safety Unit.  We reviewed guidelines on how to interact with others with email, “chat” or commenting on websites, blogs and other social media.  How do you want to represent yourself online?  Why is it important to be cautious online?
Some of the guidelines we discussed:
-       Only write things you would say to a person face-to-face.
-       Be polite!
-       Don’t comment or respond if you’re feeling  angry and emotional.
-       Tell a trusted adult if you feel uncomfortable with an online interaction.
We also discussed appropriate ways to communicate with adults online.   What are the differences between texting a friend and writing an email to an adult?  Abbreviations and emojis are not appropriate if you’re emailing your teacher and it may not be well received.  Starting with a formal greeting, using full sentences, appropriate punctuation, and good manners will most likely get better results from adults.  This is especially true if you’re asking for help.
After our discussion, each sixth grader sent an email to a sixth grade teacher to practice using proper netiquette.  Hopefully, these new habits/guidelines will carry forward for years to come!