Monday, October 31, 2016

Schoology Tech Tip- How to change the order of your displayed classes

Schoology Tech Tips - Reordering Courses

By default, Schoology lists each student’s courses alphabetically.   Students can re-order their courses so the ones they access the most are at the top of their course list.  To change course order, click on the “Courses” tab at the top of the page and then on the “up down arrow” at the bottom right hand corner of the dialog box as pictured below.

Then, students can click and drag the courses by the “up down arrows” next to each course into the order they desire.

Special thanks to Kieran and Kerry Artman for sharing this tip!


Welcome to the 2016-2017 RMS Technology Blog!  As usual, we've had a very busy beginning to our school year and now that everything is up and running, I'm able to start posting about some of the things we're doing with technology at RMS.  We continue to focus on community outreach and here are a few of the events we've held so far.  More sessions are in the works!

  • 1:1 Parent iPad Presentation and Discussion
  • Screenagers Movie: Growing up in the Digital Age
  • Schoology Parent Information Session (October 19th)
  • Schoology Parent Information Session (October 27th)

Mapping Migration

6th Grade Social Studies students have recently been learning about possible ancient migration routes to the Americas.  Several routes were explored and each student was assigned a migration theory to research and map.  Students were familiarized with research tools in the Library with Ms. Putnam Pouliot including learning how to create electronic citations of images and resources using “Noodle Tools”.

As a culminating project, students created a map using “Google My Maps” where they wrote about their assigned migration theory, included a picture and drew a line of the possible migration.  Below is a project sample.